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Monday, May 5, 2008

Adult Dance & Fitness

Hi everyone I would like you to meet my Sister (in-law) Meagan Burroughs.
She has a New Adult Dance Studio in Ogden
She used to coach a High School drill team that she founded and took to state (Where they took 3rd place)
and is now retired from to focus on her studio.
It's Called Adult Dance & Fitness
They teach everything from Pole Dancing (which I hear is an amazing & fun workout)
To Hip Hop, Kick Boxing, Chair Dancing, Jazz, Ballroom (If you can get your husband into it I hear it's really fun), and Yoga.
This is my little plug for her and her Dance Studio.
For more information you can go to her website.
Check her out and tell all your friends Please!!!

1 comment:

Coach B. said...

Thanks sis! Why weren't you at pole class on Tuesday? Did you chicken out?!!! :)

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